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The Gear

I love photography – its creation of beauty, its transformation of reality, its profound storytelling. But I'm also a nerd who loved gadgets, and photography is a gadget-heavy art. The myriad tools come together in infinite ways, and each photographer prowls through the offerings and builds their particular kit matched to their favorite techniques. Like many, my arsenal of gear is ever-changing, but here is a snapshot – what do I have now, and why do I have it.

I pick up new cameras on whims, and sell them off just as quickly.

When a camera is new to me, it is instantly my best friend, accompanying me everywhere. I point it at everything, scenes both new and familiar. I want to learn how this tool sees the world.

And then the honeymoon ends. The camera has imperfections, its quirks become flaws. It's frustrating to use. It's difficult to compose, to set accurate focus, to meter reliably. Photos are good-but-not-quite, the defect caused by some limitation of the gear. And so the camera gets set on the shelf, and the next time I head out, my hand reaches past it.

And yet, some cameras persist. They persevere the fickles of my wont, enduring through the seasons. What follows is an attempt to document this.

Cameras Present

Cameras Past

Cameras Other

Some Photos

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